24/01/2017 10:32 GMT

Mum's Genius Wine Hack Sticks Two Fingers Up At Dry January


For those of you not doing Dry January, one woman has a top tip to getting sloshed on the cheap before a big night out. Because there is no poorer time of year than after Christmas, AMIRIGHT?

Saoirse Burke, 20, shared a genius wine hack from her mum on Twitter, we instantly fell in love.

Burke’s mum had sent her daughter a text detailing how to smuggle an entire bottle of wine onto public transport without arousing suspicion.

The answer? A Lucozade Sport bottle.

“A whole bottle of wine can fit in a Lucozade sport bottle so you don’t look like a wino on the train,” Burke’s mum wrote, alongside a photo of her sipping from the bottle.

The tweet has been favourited 30,000 times and retweeted a further 8,000.

Twitter users are praising the mum for her innovative approach to getting sloshed, labelling her hack a “life-changing tip” and a “game changer”.

Of course, we’re not advocating downing an entire bottle of wine yourself - share it among friends or fellow passengers. 

Mum, we salute you.