30/12/2016 12:55 GMT | Updated 30/12/2016 13:18 GMT

Mum's Christmas Gift For Daughter Looks Like Something Else

Is that what we think it is?! 👀

A woman was left mortified when she opened a gift off her mum that looked, ahem, like a sex toy.

Shelby Donovan, an 18-year-old from New Orleans, Louisiana, opened the following gift in front of her whole family on Christmas day. 

Needless to say, she wanted the ground to swallow her whole. 

robertsshelby57 / Twitter

Donovan told The Huffington Post: “I kind of just stared at it for a really long time, trying to come up with anything else it could be besides a sex toy. Because who wants to say that in front of their family? NO ONE.”

In actual fact, she’d been gifted a very tame, and in no way sexual, present: a cup holder.

robertsshelby57 / Twitter

Donovan added that she wasn’t the only one who presumed her present was for pleasurable purposes.

“My grandma’s [reaction] was definitely the best. She described it as, ‘Business in the morning, fun at night’.”

High five grandma.