Woman's Selfie Looks Hilariously Rude Thanks To Photobombing Toddler

'When your son’s leg.. changes a picture.' 😂

A seemingly innocent mirror selfie taken by one woman in her living room didn’t turn out quite as expected thanks to her toddler’s photobomb.

Georgïa Shortall, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, took a photo of herself side on and then later realised that the picture looked like she had a grown some form of, ahem, external organ...

But it’s not what you think. In fact, her son is standing in the background and his leg just happened to show up in a rather unfortunate place.

Shortall found the whole thing hilarious so she obviously had to share it on Facebook. She captioned the snap: “When your son’s leg.. changes a picture.”

She told HuffPost UK: “I didn’t notice it was there [at first]. I was on the phone to my friend talking about how big my bump felt and said I would take a picture. I took it, looked at it and sent it... And then my friend pointed it out.

“I wouldn’t have even noticed!”

Her photo has received more than 100 likes and it gave plenty of people a giggle. Shannon Williams said the photo had brought her to tears from laughing, while Jenna Rafiki Jones commented: “I literally pissed myself laughing at this. Something mums will know all too well about.”

Oh the joys of kids.