Munya Chawawa Points Out One Hilarious Element Of Drake’s New Song

"Drake just seduced every nan in Britain."
Munya Chawawa and Drake
Munya Chawawa and Drake
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Munya Chawawa is famed for his satirical hot takes on the latest news, pop culture and politics, and this week’s instalment pokes fun at one hilarious element of Drake’s new song.

In his single, First Person Shooter, Drake lists a host of women’s names, which of course, is a common theme across smash-hits in all genres from Mambo Number 5 to Shania Twain’s Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?.

Yet, Munya was quick to point out that in Britain the names that Drake lists of women who are “packed in this phone like some sardines / and they send me naked pictures” are more likely to belong to your Nan.

In a reel on Instagram on Wednesday, Munya said: “As a British person the funniest part of Drake’s album is hearing him list these names as Big Bad B’s. Nadine, Justine, Pauline, Claudine, Kathleen.”

Before he asked: “How has everyone nan been mentioned in a Drake song?”

Munya went on to joke that “as a rule, in Britain, Pauline doesn’t shake nyash” and “Nadine, Christine, Justine” sound more like he “listed GP receptionists.”

“There was a dinner lady at my school called Kathleen and now I’ve got to imagine her throwing it back while shovelling turkey dinosaurs,” he added in a hilarious anecdote.

The comic video’s comments were flooded with laughter emojis, as Munya suggested that Drake accidentally gave a “shout out the panel of Loose Women” by mistake.

He closed the hysterical reel by sending a message to the global superstar: “Drake I’d just say for your British listeners, most of the time we hear those names it’s because one of them’s about to have a double hip replacement.”

Take a listen to Drake’s First Person Shooter below...


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