17/11/2016 12:56 GMT | Updated 17/11/2016 13:05 GMT

Muslim Student Heraa Hashmi Writes List Of Times Muslims Have Condemned Violence

It's 712 pages long, and counting.

Heraa Hashmi, 19, created an epic list of times Muslims have condemned violence

When Heraa Hashmi was asked by a classmate why Muslims ‘don’t condemn’ terrorist attacks linked to Islam, she began collating definitive proof that they do.

The 19-year-old Indian American Muslim dedicated three weeks to pulling together examples.

And the result was an epic list totalling some 5684 incidences, all sourced, where Muslims condemned violence, terror and other acts committed in the name of Islam.

Hashmi’s tweet announcing her work promptly went viral, gaining over 25,000 likes on Twitter by Thursday.

And as interest in her work exploded across Twitter, Hashmi shared her list to the world.

The mammoth effort prompted developers to construct a website, making the spreadsheet easily searchable.

Hashmi, a student and author from Boulder, Colorado, told Buzzfeed News reaction had been positive.

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She said: “The reaction has been mostly positive, from both the Muslim community and outside the Muslim community and I’m very grateful.

“Many people are glad that there’s a public source out there that is I think is one of the longest and most comprehensive lists of Muslim condemnations.”

And reaction on Twitter echoed this wonderfully.