15/11/2016 17:15 GMT | Updated 15/11/2016 17:15 GMT

Zainab Salbi Asks Muslim Women What It's Like To Wear A Hijab In The US

'People are asking me to hide that part of myself'.

American Muslim women have spoken out about the extreme reactions they’ve witnessed to wearing a Hijab in public, including being held at gunpoint and told “ISIS will rape them”, 

Speaking to activist and author Zainab Salbi for The Huffington Post’s Zainab Salbi Project, three women exposed their experiences of what it’s like to wear the religious garment.

“My biggest struggle is being a Muslim when people are asking me not to be. People are asking me to hide that part of myself,” said 24-year-old Asma, who was almost run off the road while driving for wearing a headscarf. 

Mnar Muhawesh, a US TV host on Mint Press, recounted some of the many disturbing death threats she receives: “They said that ISIS would gang rape me”.

For the full story, watch the episode above.

The Huffington Post’s Zainab Salbi Project follows Sabli as she travels the world while shedding light on those living within conflict.