London Underground: Mystery Parrot Tresspasses Stations And We Need To Know Why

Have you seen it?

A mystery parrot is dazzling onlookers on the London underground, appearing on trains and in station walkways.

Flocks of people have been uploading pictures to social media over the last three weeks, but no one seems to know who the owner is.

Parrot on the tube.

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Many have spotted the creature lurking at Waterloo...

Others have seen it on the Jubilee line...

And some have just seen it lurking around the underground walkways...

But this guy just wanted to bring it to work.

Here's another for good measure.

This little guy cheered up a tube full of strangers this morning! #londonlife #tube #travel #afrigginparrot 😂😂😂

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Photographer Rob McWilliam, who also spotted the bird, claimed that there was no owner in sight.

McWilliam told the Metro: "Last night I was travelling to meet friends for drinks in soho when I encountered this on the conveyor heading towards the Bakerloo line at Waterloo.

"I looked and couldn’t see anyone around who looked like an owner; whether it had flown away from them I’m not sure – it caused gridlock on the travellator."

The mystery continues... So we are undertaking our own investigation.

UPDATE: Thanks to the power of social media, the parrot's whereabouts appear to have been discovered:

If you have any information about the parrot on the Tube, please contact

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