23 Times Nadine Coyle's 'Go To Work' Video Served Up A GIF For Every Office Occasion

The former Girls Aloud star wasn't lying when she said it would be full of meme-able content.

Seven years on for her last attempt at a solo career (it still hurts to talk about that Tesco album), Nadine Coyle is having a second stab at it with new single ‘Go To Work’.

After debuting the certified pop banger last week, the former Alouder has now debuted the music video, and we’re pleased to report it’s everything we were hoping for and more.

In typical Nadine fashion, it is jam-packed with GIFable content, as she trots around the office telling people to get to work.

And while it looks a lot more glamorous than your standard working day, it turns out Nadine’s version of work isn’t all that far off working in a real British office...

1. When you’re five minutes from the office and your boss is on the phone asking why you’re so late

2. When the intern gets you an Americano rather than a flat white

3. When you spot your office rival and know full well you’re looking hotter

4. When you’re trying to give instruction to your team, but no-one is listening

5. When that persistent pain in your shoulder will just not go away

6. When an insolent member of your team will not get on with their job

7. When you’re pretending to be busy when the office honey walks past

8. When you slip into a board meeting halfway through and try to go unnoticed

9. But then make a killer point during the brainstorm

10. When you have to pose for a new set of office headshots

11. When you casually carry out some office admin

12. When you have a nap in one of the meeting rooms at lunch and wake up not remembering where you are

13. When you, Karen, Sharon, Tracey and Shirley are ready for those post-work drinks at 3pm

14. When Dave from finance tries calling you for last month’s reports five minutes before you clock off

15. When you start throwing back those Woo Woos at the Wetherspoons down the road from the office

16. When you’ve had a few and start flashing the cash when it’s your round

17. When Tracey suggests heading into town for a large one

18. When you walk into Vodka Revs like

19. When you and the girls hit the floor

20. When you believe you are literally are Beyoncé

21. When you spot Shirley tashing on with Darren from HR in the smoking area and know he has a girlfriend

22. When you're drunk AF, but know you’re still looking fly

23. When you wake up the morning after having all headed back to Sharon’s to carry on the party

Watch the full video for Nadine’s ‘Go To Work’ below...

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