Nail Contouring: The Fashion Week Trend That Will Transform Your Hands Into Those Of A Supermodel

No fancy tools needed.

Many Fashion Week beauty trends require a makeup artist’s skill to achieve, but one look on the Vera Wang runway is not only super simple to pull off, but will instantly transform your hands into those of a supermodel.

No matter how stubby your nails are, nail contouring will make them appear long and elegantly shaped.

Backstage at New York Fashion Week, celebrated manicurist Jin Soon Choi shared a photo of model FeiFei Sun displaying her nails contoured with Jin Soon Risque (£15) and Matte Maker (£15).

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The look is achieved by applying a dark coat of polish in the center of the nail, leaving the left and right sides bare or coated in nude polish - cleverly tricking the eye into thinking nails are longer.

“It’s really easy to execute because all you need is the brush that comes with the polish,” Choi told Cosmopolitan.

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