‘Naked Attraction’ Contestant Reaches A New Low With Pubic Hair Story

We did not need to hear this.

Last week’s ‘Naked Attraction’ gave us the story of the beef sandwich vagina, and while we were sure the comment couldn’t be topped, Kieron from Basingstoke has just proved us wrong.

On Monday (15 August) night’s episode, things got a little graphic - which is to be expected from a naked dating show, really - as Kieron strolled straight into TMI territory with a tale about why he’s not a fan of pubic hair.

<strong>TMI, Kieron. T. M. I. </strong>
TMI, Kieron. T. M. I.
Channel 4

As Kieron was trying to decide which woman might be great to go on a date with, by peering at their nether regions, he dismissed presenter Anna Richardson, when she pointed out a contestant’s trimmed pubic hair.

He said: “Yeah, but you’re not going to choke on a five o’clock shadow. It’s when we get into the ‘70s look…”

His remark went almost unnoticed though and wasn’t addressed, until later in the show, when Anna discovered that Kieron has a tongue piercing.

Then, it all began to make sense.

“And the pubes got caught up in the tongue bar?” she asked Kieron, who laughed and replied: “Yeah.”

Hmmm... we really didn’t need to hear that on TV to be honest.

‘Naked Attraction’ has garnered plenty of attention since launching last month, but since the first episode, viewers have got a lot better at dealing with seeing so many nude people on the small screen.

It’s still managed to hit headlines though, thanks to interesting comparisons and odd comments from contestants.

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