Alien Hunters Want NASA To Explain This 'Formation Of UFOs'

The picture was captured during a mission to the International Space Station.

Alien hunters are demanding an explanation from NASA over the "formation of UFOs" seen in an image posted by the space agency.

The photograph has sparked fresh debate despited being published in 2001.

Conspiracy theorists believe this picture, captured during the STS 100 Space Shuttle Endeavor Mission to the International Space Station, shows a "formation of UFOs."

Captured by STS-100 Space Shuttle Endeavor Mission
Captured by STS-100 Space Shuttle Endeavor Mission

In 2013, alien enthusiasts including YouTuber, UFOvni2012, posted videos highlighting aspects of the photograph they wanted NASA to explain.

At the heart of their request are small silver-like dots seen in the following picture.


Now UFO forums including The Black Vault, have reignited a conversation about the so-called "sighting," speculating on what that objects might be.

They also draw attention to other "anomalies" in the picture that could be satellites or space debris, latest-ufo-sightings reports.

Sceptics have suggested that the "unidentified objects" could be the result of multiple photos being placed on top of each other.

However, The Black Vault group believe that this technique would make "additional anomalies appear as several objects and not several single objects," UFO sightings reports.

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