20/01/2017 14:44 GMT

Reddit Is Calling This The 'Official Portrait Of Earth' And We Can See Why

We hope you weren't blinking.

With everything that is going on in the world, sometimes we can forget just how special our blue planet is.

Home to seven billion people, and the only planet capable of hosting life (that we know of), we’re not doing too badly for ourselves.

Now Reddit has given us all a little reminder of that fact by sharing an amazing aerial photograph of Earth.

Users have dubbed the impressive picture ‘the official portrait of home’, saying: “For all life that we have ever known.”

The composite image of earth, was created by NASA by stitching numerous satellite pictures together.

And if there are any Australians feeling out there who are feeling a little left out of the picture, there is one for you too. 


Last year NASA shared footage recorded by Jeff Williams, an American astronaut who has spent 534 days on the International Space Station, more time than any other American. 

So whatever happens in 2017, remember Earth isn’t such a terrible place to be.