18 People Who Didn’t Nail National Cupcake Week…And Those Who Totally Did

A soggy bottom is the least of your worries.

Mary Berry might not approve of all our baking endeavours, but in general if it contains sugar and butter we are all over it.

That was, until we saw these cupcake fails...

In celebration of National Cupcake Week we are looking at the best and the worst from the world of baking, proving once and for all that some people really need to step out of the kitchen.

1. This toxic waste.

2. This hot mess.

3. This identity crisis.

4. This festive insult.

5. This ‘wouldn’t serve that to an enemy let alone a friend’.

6. This whipped cream overload.

7. This ‘we’re not hungry anymore’ cake.

8. This E-numbers hallucinogenic trip.

9. This feline nightmare.

10. This vodka red bull horror.


11. This salted vanilla chocolate truffle porn.

12. This melted extravaganza.

13. These Instagram stars.

14. This winter wonderland.

15. This marshmallow feast.

16. This ‘why didn’t we think of this before?’

17. This sonnet to simplicity.

18. This ‘diet starts tomorrow’ cake.