Nestie Awards 2017: Hilarious Moments Caught On Home Security Cameras


As awards season drew to a close, Nest, the home automation producer, decided to hand out a few prizes of its own.

Celebrating hilarious moments caught on Nest cameras, the Nestie Awards 2017 showcase breakthrough performances, stunts, choreography and more.

We’ve rounded up the 14 award-winning clips, including brief explanations from the Nest customers behind them. ‘Footloose’ is our favourite.

Best Supporting Deer: When Harry Meets Lion
"Upon our return from the jungles in Borneo, we were greeted by a local mountain lion that was stalking a deer on our front porch. The deer was snacking on our roses. We didn't need to leave home to see this amazing puma."
Best Stunt: Priority Mail
"Mailman runs into my homes garage. Thanks to the Nest Cam Outdoor we were able to head straight home after the alert on my phone from work."
Best Breakthrough Performance: Foot Loose
"My husband and I purchased our new home just before Christmas. We have several house projects in the works - and now 1 more after this accident. My husband was in the attic making sure the new light he installed in the master closet was wired properly. He misjudged the beam distance and stepped right through the ceiling. Both kids were off of school napping on the couch. I am not sure what part is funnier. His foot hanging there for a good minute or two or the kids laying back down. Santa!? Is that you!? Thankfully - my husband was fine - his pride - Not so much!"
Best Foreign Film: La Neige de L’ennui
"Just a short timelapse of some icicles growing after a winter storm."
Best Haunted Blanket: This Blanket
"While we were on vacation, one of our grandparents died. Upon coming home, a day a later we captured the towel sliding towards my girlfriend, she is at the patio door behind the Christmas tree. We've had this checked by many people including one who looks at these incidents, not one can see how it is possible to happen. Spooky...."
Best Costume Design: The Werewolf
"This was on Halloween night 2016, and for some reason my husband had the bright idea of scaring the trick-or-treaters when we opened the door. Most of the time the kids would be startled at best and the parents standing behind them would laugh and laugh. This clip was one of the better scare reactions!"
Best Picture: Gluck Gluck Land
"Every year on the same day a 2 pairs of Sandhill Cranes arrive at my ranch in Montana. The video shows one pair of cranes calling to the other cranes."
Best Horror Remake: Birds
"January 24, 2017: its like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds."
Best Supported Dog: Free Willie
"We got our puppy Carmine at 8 weeks old and gave him his own room for training purposes. He was in timeout one evening while we were in another room. We later heard him barking from the kitchen. We were concerned how he got out of his room. We were concerned someone broke into our home. Thankfully we were able to look back into our awesome Nest Cam, to see that Carmine saw something alarming outside, and decided to leap over the gate, a gate that was much bigger than him. He almost didn't make it, but made sure he gave that extra kick at the end. If it wasn't for our nest product, we would've never known! We now have another Nest Cam we keep in another part of our home, and have found some funny things happen, but nothing that tops this gem!"
Best Visual Effects: Dad Vader
"Just having fun some fun with my son."
Best Kiss: Fifty Shades of Grrr
"We have a couple Nest Cams at our weekend place in Philo, CA. While in Tokyo over Christmas last week, we were shocked to see on our phones a video clip of a bear walking by our pool on the property. The next night he showed up in the dark and apparently was attracted to the light on the camera, thinking it was a small animal worth eating! After providing us a close-up of the 3 bear T's (teeth, tongue and tonsils) that you don't want to see so close up (at least not in person), he spit the mighty Nest Cam out and left it unharmed!"
Best Dog in a Lead Role: Pawshank Redemption
Best Choreography: Dirty Dog Dancing
"This is my dog, Beef. Beef is not allowed in the baby's room when we are not in there. On this day, the babysitter gave him free roam of the house, so he took full advantage of it. As you can see, he really enjoyed himself."
Best Fall: Ice Rage

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