Exclusive: British Transport Police confirmed they only heard about incident at Victoria station in May.
CCTV footage shows a cyclist headbutting a pedestrian following a near hit and disagreement. The City of London Police are currently searching for him.
A hungry thief broke into a sandwich shop to make himself a midnight snack. The incident took place at a Subway in Washington DC at around 1.49am on 2 August. CCTV footage shows the man falling over the shop counter before preparing himself some food.
An unfortunate drug mule crashed millions of pounds’ worth of crystal meth crashed right into police cars in Sydney. The 26-year-old man was arrested and 273 kilograms of drugs were seized.
We rounded up the week's best news stories, from inspiring rock stars, to quick-thinking bus drivers, and a gasp-inducing cat rescue.
This incredible moment captured on CCTV in Turkey shows a man being lifted into the air, as he tries to keep an umbrella from falling over in the strong winds. The man jumped off as soon as he could but the umbrella fell on another man and injured him.
Police have released CCTV footage of a woman pushing another woman into the path of a moving bus in the hope of catching the suspect. The incident, which took place in May 2018, reportedly followed an altercation between the two women in a nearby supermarket. The 60-year-old victim suffered minor injuries.
CCTV footage of a man narrowly avoiding being crushed by bricks falling from a collapsing building has emerged. The pedestrian had a lucky escape as he walked down Stoke Newington High Street, east London, just seconds before the rubble smashed to the pavement.
A burglar who cut himself breaking into a Pizza Hut in Sunderland, returned to the scene to try to wash away his own blood with a bottle of Pepsi. William Trotter admitted a charge of burglary and will be sentenced later on, after being caught on CCTV.
A surveillance video shows a man stepping off a train to smoke a cigarette, when the train leaves the station with his baby on board. Luckily, a passenger called the authorities and officials returned to the station, where the father was reunited with the child immediately.