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Best New Netflix And Prime Video Films And TV Series This August In The UK

Escape the heatwave by binging on this lot.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to what is new to Netflix and Prime Video this August in the UK...


Switched (01/08/2018)

High schooler Ayumi’s perfect world evaporates when her envious classmate Zenko somehow steals her body, her boyfriend and her life.


Cocaine Coast (03/08/2018)

In 1980s Galicia, Spain, a young fisherman becomes a prosperous cocaine smuggler by providing Latin American suppliers with a European entry point. 

Marching Orders (03/08/2018)

Follow the Bethune-Cookman University Marching Wildcats as they fight to keep their spots on the field, memorize routines, balance their academic careers, and maintain their social lives.

On Children (04/08/2018)

These uncanny tales reveal a world where individuals face the tragic consequences of social pressure, parental oppression and family dysfunction.

72 Dangerous Animals: Asia (10/08/2018)

From fangs to claws to venomous stings, they all wield deadly weapons. But which creature will be crowned the fiercest of all?

Afflicted (10/08/2018)

Baffling symptoms. Controversial diagnoses. Costly treatments. Seven people with chronic illnesses search for answers ― and relief.

All About The Washingtons (10/08/2018)

Hip-hop icon Rev. Run stars opposite wife Justine in this scripted comedy about one couple’s attempts at balancing work, romance and family chaos.

Insatiable (10/08/2018)

In this darkly comic series, a disgraced civil lawyer turned beauty pageant coach takes on a vengeful, bullied teenager as his client.


La Casa De Las Flores (10/08/2018)

The outward perfection of a family-run flower business hides a dark side rife with dysfunctional secrets in this darkly humorous comedy series.

Ultraviolet (17/08/2018)

In this offbeat crime series, an online community of amateur sleuths uses an unconventional mashup of high-tech and low-tech methods to solve cases.

Disenchantment (17/08/2018)

This animated series from Matt Groening follows the misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, her feisty elf companion and her personal demon.


Magic For Humans (17/08/2018)

From baffling people on the street to orchestrating elaborate tricks, Justin Willman blends good-natured magic with grown-up laughs.

Stay Here (17/08/2018)

Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show property owners how to turn their short-term rentals into moneymaking showstoppers.

Marlon: Season 2 (22/08/2018)

Amicable exes Marlon and Ashley settle into co-parenting duties and continue to work out where they stand as friends, former flames and a family. 

Marlon: Season 2

Great News (23/08/2018)

Ambitious cable news producer Katie faces a whole new set of problems when her overbearing mother lands an internship on the very same show.

Deadwind (23/08/2018)

Just months after a tragic loss, detective Sofia Karppi investigates the murder of a woman with ties to a Helsinki construction company.

Ghoul (24/08/2018)

A newly minted military interrogator arrives at a covert detention centre to discover that some of the terrorists held there are not of this world.


The Innocents (24/08/2018)

When a teenage couple runs away to be together, the extraordinary gift they possess unleashes powerful forces intent on dividing them forever.

Inside The Criminal Mind (31/08/2018)

Explore the psychological machinations and immoral behavior that define the most nefarious types of criminals. 

Ozark: Season 2 (31/08/2018)

The Byrdes face danger from every side as the cartel, the Snells and the Langmores all threaten to bring down the new life they’ve built in the Ozarks.


Paradise PD (31/08/2018)

From “Brickleberry” creators Roger Black and Waco O’Guin comes this adult animated comedy about a backwater Southern-fried police department.

Ultimate Beastmaster Great Britain: Survival of the Fittest (31/08/2018)

An inspirational group of new contestants who have overcome significant adversity come together to take on the world’s toughest obstacle course.


Shooter: Season 3 (From 03/08/2018 - New Episodes Fridays)

When an archenemy reveals information about Bob Lee’s father, the veteran sniper is drawn into a conspiracy that strikes too close to home.

Mr Sunshine (From 04/08/2018 - New Episodes Saturdays)

A young boy who ends up in the U.S. after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo incident returns to Korea at a historical turning point and falls for a noblewoman.

Meteor Garden (New Episodes August)

Dong Shancai is determined to excel at her dream university, where she encounters an elite clique of dashing, popular high-achievers ― and finds love.

Chesapeake Shores: Season 3 (From 06/08/2018 - New Episodes Mondays)

Better Call Saul: Season 4 (From 07/08/2018 - New Episodes Tuesdays)

A shocking death propels Jimmy deeper into the criminal world ― and closer to his life as Saul Goodman.

Suits: Season 8 (New Episodes Thursdays)

Power: Season 5 (New Episodes Mondays)


Brij Mohan Amar Rahe (03/08/2018)

Faking his death to escape the realities of his uneventful life worked out well for Brij Mohan ― until he was sentenced to death for his own murder. 

Like Father (03/08/2018)

After she’s left at the altar, a workaholic executive ends up on her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father. Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer star. 

Like Father.

Perdida (09/08/2018)

A policewoman whose childhood friend disappeared in Patagonia years ago starts a new search to find answers, and soon finds her own life in danger. 

The Package (10/08/2018)

When five teens go on a spring break camping trip, an unfortunate accident sets off a race against time to save their friend’s most prized possession.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (17/08/2018)

Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control when her secret letters to every boy she’s ever fallen for are mysteriously mailed out.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

The Motive (17/08/2018)

An aspiring writer with no imagination seeks inspiration for his novel by manipulating the lives of his neighbours so that he can write about them.

The After Party (24/08/2018)

When an aspiring rapper goes viral for the wrong reasons, he thinks his career is sunk. But a wild party gives him one more chance to make it right. 

Las leyes de la termodinámica (31/08/2018)

Jilted by his girlfriend, a man likens his lack of luck in love to the laws of thermodynamics in this documentary-like romantic comedy.


Demetri Martin: The Overthinker (10/08/2018)

With his signature one-liners and drawings, Demetri Martin muses on doughnut holes, dogs, sports bars, the alphabet’s most aggressive letters and more.

Bert Kreischer: Secret Time (24/08/2018)

Comedian Bert Kreischer is ready to take his shirt off and “party hardy” with his debut Netflix Original stand-up special, Bert Kreischer: Secret Time. Considered one of the best storytellers of his generation, Bert regales the audience at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia with stories about zip-lining with his family, his daughter practicing softball with an imaginary ball, and upstaging ex-NBA player Ralph Sampson at a childhood basketball camp.

The Comedy Lineup: Part 2 (31/08/2018)

A cadre of promising up-and-coming comedians delivers a rapid fire series of stand-up performances.


Zion (10/08/2018)

Born without legs and stuck in foster care for years, teenager Zion Clark hopes to overcome his circumstances and become a competitive wrestler.


Follow This (23/08/2018)

Follow the reporters at BuzzFeed as they probe topics ranging from quirky internet crazes to safe injection spaces for opioid users.


Dinotrux Supercharged: Season 3 (03/08/2018)

Whether by land, air or sea, the Dinotrux tackle some of their biggest builds ever while facing the double threat of brothers D-Structs and D-Stroy.

The Ponysitters Club (10/08/2018)

A young horse enthusiast teams up with her best friends to rescue and rehabilitate animals on her family’s beloved ranch.

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 7 (10/08/2018)

After saving Shiro and defeating Lotor, the Paladins are finally able to set a course for Earth. After a perilous journey, they discover that their home planet is not how they left it.


Pinky Malinky (17/08/2018)

Pinky Malinky sees the bright side of everything, including being born a hot dog. With his BFFs in tow, this little wiener takes a bite out of life. 

Spirit Riding Free: Season 6 (17/08/2018)

Lucky and the PALs canter into more adventures with a new chapter of the Frontier Fillies. With each new challenge, Lucky, Spirit and the PALs work together as they run wild and live free.

Ask The StoryBots: Season 2 (24/08/2018)

How do ears hear ― and why can’t I eat dessert all the time? The StoryBots tackle these and other tough questions in an all-new season of asks.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 3

As the trolls turn a new enemy into a friend, Poppy trains Branch in “hair-jitsu,” Smidge woos a crush and DJ Suki learns to throw the best party ever.


Casual S4 (1st August)

Casual is the story of what happens bachelor and dating-app creator Alex and his newly divorced psychologist sister Valerie live under one roof again. Together, they coach each other through the crazy world of dating (online and off) while raising Valerie’s teenage daughter, Laura.

All or Nothing: Manchester City (17th August)

All Or Nothing: Manchester City is the highly anticipated behind the scenes documentary from Prime Video which will offer fans around the world a glimpse into the historic club in its record setting, Premier League winning year.

Jack Ryan (31st August)

The series is a reinvention with a modern sensibility of the unexpected Tom Clancy hero. It centres on Jack Ryan, an up-and-coming CIA analyst thrust into a dangerous field assignment for the first time. The series follows the titular character as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the centre of a dangerous gambit with a new breed of terrorism that threatens destruction on a global scale.

The Bold Type (Series 2) (New Episodes Every Monday)

Inspired by the life of Joanna Coles, former Editor-in-Chief of fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan, and current Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines, The Bold Type reveals a glimpse into the outrageous lives and loves of those responsible for the global women’s magazine, Scarlet. The rising generation of Scarlet women lean on one another as they find their own voices in a sea of intimidating leaders. Together, they explore sexuality, identity, love and fashion.

Preacher (Series 3) New Episodes Every Tuesday

In series two, the trio’s pursuit led them to New Orleans, where they dodged local gangsters, dangerous agents, and other unimaginable mayhem on their way to uncovering an even bigger secret. Now, with Tulip’s life and Cassidy’s friendship in the balance, Jesse must rely on a mysterious figure from his past in order to save his friends and continue on with his mission. 

Cloak and Dagger (New Episodes Every Friday)

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger is the story of Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt, Ultimate Spider-Man) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph, The Night Of), two teenagers who are awakened to newly acquired superpowers which are mysteriously linked to one another. Tandy can emit light daggers and Tyrone has the ability to engulf others in darkness. They quickly learn they are better together than apart.

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