20/01/2017 11:08 GMT

Netflix Baby Names: Parents Inspired By Popular Shows 'Orange Is The New Black' And 'Breaking Bad'

Thinking of naming your child Piper, Walter or Stella?

Baby names inspired by Netflix shows are becoming a lot more popular, a survey has found.

Parenting site, Bounty Baby Club, found that out of the 340,000 names their members gave their babies in 2016, there has been a sharp rise in names featured on TV shows, compared to 2015. 

The names of characters in ‘Orange is the New Black’ have shot up in popularity. The biggest climber has come from Piper, which broke into the top 150 with a 20% increase in popularity.

Other Litchfield Penitentiary inspired increases include Sophia (up to the number eight spot), Gloria up by 16% and Stella up by 13%. 

Piper from 'Orange is the New Black'

Names from the show ‘Breaking Bad’ also showed large increases, with Walter jumping up 11%, joined by Jesse, which gained a 20% popularity bump compared to last year. Mike also jumped up 11%, reaching the top 150. 

‘House of Cards’ favourites include Claire, climbing 20% and Zoe, up 8%, now inside the top 100 at number 84. 

‘Stranger Things’ characters Nancy and Jonathan both enjoyed an 18% increase, holding positions 63 and 246.

Girls’ names from the show ‘Jessica Jones’ also proved popular, with Harper jumping up eight places to number 41 and Patsy receiving a 43% bump in popularity.

Lisa Penney, spokeswoman for, said: “Popular Netflix characters are strongly influencing parents’ choices for names this year. 

“It seems parents can’t get enough of settling down with their favourite Netflix boxset, so much so their favourite characters are living on in their children’s names.”

See the top name increases in the table below. 


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