20/03/2017 12:12 GMT | Updated 20/03/2017 15:04 GMT

The New 'Skip Intro' Netflix Feature Will Change Your Life

Someone deserves a promotion.

We’ve all been there, you’re waist deep in a five-hour Netflix marathon and you’re watching the opening credits for what feels like the billionth time.

And quite honestly it does nothing for the growing feeling that we are a complete sedentary waste of space. 

Instead we just need an interruption free transition from one episode to the next.

The Huffington Post UK

And because the people at Netflix are the heroes we all need, they’ve only gone and made our dreams come true. 

A spokesperson Netflix told The Huffington Post UK: “This is a feature we’re testing right now. We perform hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better.”

In the last week they added the new ‘Skip Intro’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, on a number of shows including ‘House Of Cards’, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Friends’.

The button, which is reportedly only being rolled out as a test at the moment, lets you skip the introductory minute and jump straight into the action.

But it wasn’t the TV-streaming service themselves who revealed this new feature, instead users were noticing it appearing on their screens.