21/03/2017 12:48 GMT

The 16 Most Annoying Things That All New Couples Do

Get in the bin.

Ok, we get it, you have found yourself a relationship that is not only emotionally validating you as a person, but also provides enough regular sex that you no longer see any reason to go out on a Saturday night.


But while you’re basking in the afterglow of that honeymoon period - scientists have actually confirmed that a 48-hour post-coital buzz is real and not just something single people imagine – remember to tone down the smugness.

Here are the 16 most annoying things that all new couples do (yes, even you), and no we aren’t just bitter.

1. Being totally unsubtle about how much sex they’re having.

2. Oversharing every detail of their relationship. 

3. Referring to themselves in the plural. 

4. Dropping their partner’s name into conversation every third word.

5. Holding hands under the table at the pub thinking we’re not noticing. 

6. Deciding that couples workouts are socially acceptable.

7. Accidentally matching outfits and telling everyone it is ‘their thing’. 

8. Presuming that a social invitation automatically includes an undisclosed plus one. 

9. Planning holidays and spontaneous weekend mini-breaks.

10. Posting smug photographs on every social media platform.

11. Tagging each other in private jokes so everyone is aware they are not welcome in this club. 

12. Acting like they’ve been together for years when it’s been days.

13. Telling all their friends they’ll find true love too. 

14. Imparting unwanted relationship advice when it has literally been ten seconds.

15. Forgetting that they’re not the only ones who have been in love.

16. Assuming we’re all as happy for them as they are.