How To Spend New Year's Eve At Home, Without Feeling Like A Massive Loser

The best decision of 2018.

If your plans for 31 December are shaping up to be more couch potato than crazy partygoer, have no fear because you’re not alone.

Instead of feeling like you’ve been relegated to the subs-bench on the biggest night of the year, here are 11 ways to embrace it.

1. Remember how much you normally hate going out on NYE.

You know it is terrible.

2. Realise it is only FOMO making you want to leave the house.

You don’t actually want to go out.

3. Acknowledge how much money you are saving on one night.

You’ll be so grateful later in the month.

4. Be smug that you won’t spend the first day of 2019 horribly hungover.

Start as you mean to go on.

5. And that you can wear your pyjamas instead of a terrible sequin outfit.

Win, win, win.

6. Enjoy the company of people you like, not drunk strangers.

And if that means it’s a party-for-one, then so be it.

7. Be grateful you don’t have to kiss a stranger at midnight.

The number one reason for staying at home.

8. Watch fireworks on TV and don’t get rained on.

This is the answer to all NYE problems.

9. Know that Beyoncé stayed at home in 2014.

If it’s good enough for B, it’s good enough for us.

10. Make plans for something you really want to do later in the month.

And use the money you saved on endless Jägerbombs.

11. Raise a toast to all the great nights out you had in 2018.

Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink.