28/02/2020 09:17 GMT | Updated 28/02/2020 09:20 GMT

New Yorker Slaps Donald Trump With Sarcastic Coronavirus Cover

Artist Brian Stauffer depicted the president wearing a surgical mask -- over his eyes -- in the upcoming front page image.

The New Yorker takes a sarcastic swipe at President Donald Trump over the way his administration is tackling the coronavirus outbreak with its latest cover.

Trump screams ― with a surgical mask on his eyes ― in artist Brian Stauffer’s front page image for the Mar. 9 issue, which is titled “Under Control.”

“Coronavirus claimed its first victims in China, and the illness has now appeared in at least forty-eight countries, with cases soaring in Europe and the Middle East,” wrote Françoise Mouly, the magazine’s art editor, in explaining the image.

“On Wednesday, in response to criticism about his Administration’s response, President Trump held a press conference addressing the epidemic,” Mouly added. “His performance—as Brian Stauffer’s cover for next week’s magazine suggests—was not entirely persuasive.”

Trump on Wednesday appointed Vice President Mike Pence to take charge of the response to the outbreak, a move that was widely chided, as he warned there was a chance the spread of the virus “could get fairly, substantially worse.” Federal health officials have warned its spreading in the US is now highly likely.

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