24/07/2017 23:30 BST

Newsnight Presses On With Washington Interview As Rain Hammers Down On Guests

'People pretending not to mind being soaked in drenching rain'.

The dangers of live TV were exposed on Newsnight on Monday night as the BBC broadcast from Washington just as the heaven’s opened. 

Presenter Emily Maitlis was interviewing Ron Christie, former aide to George W Bush, and ex-White House Counsel Bob Bauer on the day President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, said he had not colluded with Russia following a two-hour-long meeting with congressional investigators.

And then it rained. A lot.

The plight of Newsnight’s guests was not lost on viewers.

As the rain came down increasingly heavily, the feed between the US and London broke down - leaving presenter Evan Davis to move to the next item on the ‘northern powerhouse’.

Davis later revealed, via Maitlis’s producer, the sun soon emerged to create this picture perfect tableau.