Next Cutlery Set Is The Perfect Passive Aggressive Gift For Someone You Hate

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We don’t know about you, but we really love being insulted by our utensils as we’re eating dinner.

Luckily for us, this plastic alphabet cutlery set from Next has arrived in stores to do just that. Oh and just in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately the F had slipped down in the packet and looked suspiciously like an E.

The rather unfortunate packaging arrangement, pointed out by shopper Amelia Perrin, means that the lettering on the cutlery seems to spell out ‘sket’.

‘Sket’ is the Caribbean term for ‘super ho’ according to Urban Dictionary. Awkward.

Perrin, who posted the picture to Twitter, said: “Uh Next, you might want to arrange your alphabet cutlery differently next time.”

Next responded to the message on the social media platform, saying: “Oh dear! That *is* an unfortunate angle. We definitely spell fork with an F though.”