30/01/2018 11:04 GMT | Updated 30/01/2018 16:18 GMT

NHS Ambulance Worker 'Stumped For Words' After Kind Stranger Pays For His Petrol

Tony Jones was driving his personal car when the stranger spotted his uniform.

An NHS ambulance worker has said he was “humbled” by the generosity of a stranger who paid for his petrol in a random act of kindness.

Tony Jones, who works for North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), was at his local Texaco Garage in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, filling up his personal car when a fellow customer noticed his uniform. When Tony got to the front of the cashier queue, he was told his full tank had already been paid for. 

“I was completely stumped for words and taken back by such a gesture. I went out side and thanked him. He told me that we, meaning NWAS, do a fantastic job and it’s the least he could do for people who do such an important job,” Tony wrote on Facebook.

“He wished me a very safe night, shook my hand and drove off.” 

The kind stranger told the paramedic his name was also Tony, but Tony Jones does not have any other information about him. The ambulance worker is now looking for the good samaritan so he can thank him publicly.   

“I would like to thank Tony for such a nice gesture and on behalf of me and the rest of NWAS and all other ambulance services up and down the country, it’s our absolute pleasure,” he said.

“The picture below is the car belonging to this kind soul, and the ugly mug next to it is a very humbled me. Thank you and keep safe.” 

Tony described the man who paid for his petrol as “a late 20-30 year-old [who] had a few tattoos and [was] of a muscular build”. He encouraged anyone who knows the identity of the man to post his name in the Facebook comments.

Hundreds of people have left comments on the thread, but so far, the kind stranger has not been identified. 

“This world has still got some kind caring people in it. Well done Tony, you seem to be one of the good ones, and we’ll done Tony Micheal Jones for the work you do,” one Facebook user said.

Another added: “If everyone did one small act of kindness, the world would be a far better place. You can make the difference and make one person feel much better.”

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