Sweary Nick Grimshaw Gets Caught By Microphone In Live TV Gaffe

The Radio 1 DJ was appearing on Soccer AM and hadn't realised his mic was still on.

Nick Grimshaw was caught out by a microphone he didn’t realise was still live during an appearance on Soccer AM on Saturday.

The Radio 1 DJ was overheard swearing as as he noticed something on his coat while in the background of a shot on the Sky Sports show.

As one of the presenters delivered a piece to camera, Grimmy was heard saying: “I’ve got shit all on my coat!”

The gaff went largely unnoticed apart from a few eagle-eared viewers who tweeted about it.

After one tweeted Grimmy to ask if he’d got the shit out of his coat, he replied: “Haha didn’t realise the old microphone would pick that up.”

Grimmy fans will get to see more of him on their screens in the coming weeks, as he is one of the stars who will appear in the new series of The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer.

He recently revealed he’s also started writing a book during the pandemic, which will chart some of his most hilarious celebrity stories.

Soccer AM airs Saturdays at 10.30am on Sky 1 and Sky Sports Football.


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