Greg James Finally Works Out Who His Celebrity 'Captors' Are After Latest Elaborate Radio 1 Stunt

The BBC presenter was "captured" after this year's Brit Awards, and had been held in an unknown location for more than 24 hours.

Greg James has finally cracked the code and found out who was responsible for “capturing” him after this year’s Brit Awards.

On Wednesday, Greg made headlines when he failed to turn up for work the morning after the Brits, with many listeners assuming he’d just overdone it at an afterparty.

However, as it turned out, the presenter’s no-show was actually part of a new elaborate Radio 1 stunt, as he soon revealed in a Twitter video.

“Some explaining has got to be done,” he told his fans. “Last night, at the Brits afterparty, I was put into a car, blindfolded and driven over an hour or so away to a building which contains this white room.

“The only thing I was being told is that I was being taken to the boss’ place.”

Greg then explained that he and his followers would have to work through a variety of clues to find out who the mysterious “boss” was, and free him.

Well, after more than 24 hours locked in a mysterious white room, Greg finally worked out who was responsible for holding him against his will, and as many fans had already suspected thanks to a key on her dress at the Brit Awards, it was fellow Radio 1 presenter Mollie King.

She wasn’t acting alone, though, and it later transpired that Alan Carr was also behind the prank, which saw Greg unknowingly being held in a room on the 39th floor of the Shard.

Alan had previously been seen wearing a similar key to Mollie during a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show.

I am actually shaking because I had no idea I was up this high in the world, I don’t remember anything,” Greg explained, after the prank was finally over.

“I came from the Brits drunk, they put me in a lift, they put me in a wheelchair and brought me to here.”

He also joked that, unbeknown to him, he was trying to work out the location of the “most visible building in London”.

Clues to help track down the two celebrity captors included a red scarf, a green jacket (which Alan had tweeted a photo of hours before the Brit Awards) and a cryptic note.

Around this time last year, Greg was involved in an elaborate escape room stunt, which took him more than a full day to get out of.

He and fellow Radio 1 star Nick Grimshaw have also become known for their full-on games of hide and seek.


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