The Brits have made headlines countless times over the years – and not always for the reasons organisers were hoping for.
The 2004 Brits gave us some iconic performances, A-list guests and *seriously* questionable red carpet fashion.
Who remember that time when A1 beat Coldplay for a Brit, or Duffy won over Adele not once but twice?
Let's just say that Kylie fans will want to make sure they're near a TV during this year's Brit Awards.
The awards show previously came under fire when only men were nominated in the Best British Artist category.
Who remembers when A1 beat Coldplay, or Duffy pipped Adele to not one but two Brits?
From Adele's one-finger salute to Madonna taking a tumble and Lizzo shaking things up.
Many music fans were unhappy when the Brits revealed the all-male shortlist for the Best Artist award.
The lack of female representation in the Artist Of The Year category has also been met with a backlash.