Nicki Minaj's Testy Tweet About The Covid Vaccine Is A Wild Ride

Spoiler alert, things didn't end well for Nicki.
Doctor* Nicki Minaj. *Not a doctor.
Doctor* Nicki Minaj. *Not a doctor.
via Associated Press

Nicki Minaj is the latest person to spread misinformation about the Covid vaccine. Brace yourselves, because this is a wild ride.

Not only did Nicki reveal her cousin’s friend apparently got, ahem, swollen testicles from getting the jab but his girlfriend also called off their wedding because of the whole ordeal.

Naturally, people had plenty of thoughts.

American actor Josh Gad hit us with the facts.

American comedian, Rob Delaney, used it as an impromptu opportunity to boast.

And everyone else had a lot of opinions.

Let’s not forget what this means for Nicki’s cousin.


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