15/04/2016 08:48 BST | Updated 15/04/2016 09:59 BST

Nicky Campbell In Scrap With Fellow Tram Passenger, Following Music Request

The 5 Live presenter said no one else stepped in to help.

TV and radio presenter Nicky Campbell suffered at the hands of a fellow tram passenger in Manchester yesterday, after asking him to turn his music down. 

The BBC 5 Live breakfast show host shared his ordeal on Twitter, explaining: 

 “Man on Manchester tram had headphones so loud all could hear them. Politely asked him 2turn em down and he took a swing @me. Crap music too.”

He added: "I threatened to call (the police) and it turned into a stream of c words etc. Much shouting."

Doug Peters/Doug Peters
Nicky Campbell said no other passengers stepped in to support him

Nicky added that he was still "a bit shook" following his altercation with the fellow Metrolink passenger, whom he described as a "young belligerent sweary lad".

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Nicky seemed to receive more support on social media than he did at the time. When asked if other passengers had stepped up to help, he replied, "Silence."

Metrolink told the Manchester Evening News that "Tackling anti-social behaviour on the tram network is a priority for us and we would ask anyone who witnesses an incident to report it directly to the driver through the call buttons on the tram, contact Metrolink staff through the call buttons on the platforms or report the incident to the police".