Nicky Campbell

The Long Lost Family presenter will open up about his "late diagnosis" in One Of The Family.
The move came in the wake of the scandal following Carrie Gracie’s resignation as China editor.
“This show is dedicated to Julian , Dereks brother, who passed away yesterday xxxx RIP x,” she wrote.  The presenter also
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’Long Lost Family’ airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV (Kleenex at the ready).  Read more on The Huffington Post 15. The pair
The 5 Live presenter said no one else stepped in to help.
TV and radio presenter Nicky Campbell suffered at the hands of a fellow tram passenger in Manchester yesterday, after asking
Idris Elba’s moving struggle to produce an album of South African music that pays tribute to Nelson Mandela – the man he
Nicky Campbell admits he had trepidation about his role presenting ‘Long Lost Family’, because… “I didn’t want it to be tacky
If you don't know what you're doing, then tackling a litter-lout is a most depressing business. At the very least, you're
A British man who claims he has been fighting alongside jihadi militants in Syria has said he will not return to the UK until
Nigel Evans has described chancellor George Osborne as "a winner" from his sexual offences trial because he gets to keep
Reading The Sun's Page 3 at work can be classed as sexual harassment, a leading lawyer has warned. The claim was made as
She once called the Conservative Party the nasty party - but Home Secretary Theresa May seemed like she was turning in to
I've no idea whether it has, but unlike most items on FiveLive Breakfast, this one diid make me think. Why is it considered socially acceptable to say, 'I'm no good at maths'? It's a curious admission - for example you definitely wouldn't hear anyone proudly extol the fact that they were unable to read - yet Burden's not alone...
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