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'Celebrity Big Brother': Nicola McLean Has A Tearful Moment After Raising Eyebrows With Jamie O'Hara

The 'CBB' housemate has vowed not to be "too nice" anymore.

Nicola McLean appears to have a tearful moment in Tuesday’s (10 January) ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, after becoming the topic of conversation for her behaviour with fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara.

The former glamour model was the talk of social media, when she and Jamie shared a few drunken kisses on the cheek, before he then offered to give her a hand getting into bed, at which point she said: “Fuck. It’s bad. What have I done?”

It’s probably fair to assume some of her housemates had something to say too, as a preview clip from the following morning shows Nicola vowing not to hold back anymore.

Channel 5
Nicola McLean

Looking teary in the kitchen with fellow housemates Stacy Francis and Heidi Montag, Nicola insists she’s “fine”, but adds of her fellow contestants: “Do you know what? I’ve seen some shit that I shouldn’t have let slide as well. Not… me personally. But with other people.

“So just so you know, I’m going to start speaking up too now. Because it’s not right. I just wanted you to know.”

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She's vowed not to be 'too nice' anymore

She concludes: “I’ve been too nice. And I’m not gonna be nice anymore.”

HuffPost UK has contacted ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ for further comment.

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Oh dear

Nicola has been married to footballer Tom Williams since 2009, with whom she has two sons.

In Nicola’s opening VT, she made reference to Tom’s past infidelities, adding that he had “treated [her] like shit” throughout their marriage.

See Nicola’s full reaction to the night before in Tuesday’s ‘CBB’, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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