Nicola Roberts Reminds Cheryl Of Her Past Comments About A Girls Aloud Reunion Ahead Of Comeback

Cheryl's past remarks are coming back to haunt her...
Cheryl Tweedy and Nicola Roberts at the 2018 Brit Awards
Cheryl Tweedy and Nicola Roberts at the 2018 Brit Awards
JMEnternational via Getty Images

Nicola Roberts has reminded her bandmate Cheryl Tweedy of her past comments about a Girls Aloud reunion, as the chart-topping group get ready for their first tour in over a decade.

Last week, Girls Aloud confirmed long-held rumours that they’d be hitting the road next year for a tour celebrating not just their 20-year legacy, but also the late Sarah Harding, who died in 2021 at the age of 39.

Since the news was made official, some fans have been reminded of what Cheryl said about a potential Girls Aloud reunion back in 2006, when the band was still going strong.

And apparently, that includes Nicola herself.

When one fan on Instagram wrote that she ““did not expect to be back in my fangirl life at 31 years old” but was “so here for it” all the same, Nicola replied: “I don’t think Chez expected to be singing Love Machine past 30, but she’s so here for it.”

The former Masked Singer champion was referring to an off-hand comment Cheryl made during the iconic Girls Aloud documentary Off The Record back in 2006.

Speaking to camera about what lay ahead for the group, the future X Factor judge and record-breaking solo act insisted: “There’ll be no reunions, though. Could you imagine? 30-odd-year-old… ‘I’m just a love machine’? Nah. No thanks.”

Well... what about 40, Cheryl?

During the same conversation, the then-23-year-old claimed: “It’d be foolish to think that people haven’t thought about what they want to do after the band, because it’s four years down the line now and, realistically, how long have we got? Another few year? If that?

“From the start, we said, if anyone is really unhappy, or if the band goes really drastically downhill and nobody’s buying the records then we will make a decision to end it, not that somebody leaves or quits, then starts slagging each other afterwards in our autobiographies and all that rubbish.”

Well, sorry to be the bringer of bad news, Chez, but there was a fair bit of that back in the day, too.

While Girls Aloud will be touring the UK and Ireland in 2024, they’ve made it clear that they’re in no rush to record any new music.

As Cheryl put it: “We couldn’t [record new songs], because Sarah wouldn’t be included in that newness. This is about celebrating the 20 years we’ve all had.”


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