Nicola Sturgeon Asks Americans To Reject Donald Trump And Elect Hillary Clinton

'I don’t like much if anything of what he says'

Nicola Sturgeon has urged American voters to reject Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.

The Scottish first minister said this morning it would normally be wrong for her to intervene in another country’s election.

“I don’t like much if anything of what he says,” she told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

“There is a rule that says leaders of government shouldn’t comment on other elections, I think in this election I am happy to break that rule.

“I hope that the American people don’t elect Donald Trump as president I hope they elect Hillary Clinton. I think it would be fantastic to see the first woman president of the USA.”

With less the a month to go until the presidential election on November 8, Trump is under pressure over allegations of sexual assault - which he denies. The accusations, as well as Trump’s past boasts about grabbing women “by the pussy” has led Republican leaders to abandon him.

However Republicans backing away from their presidential nominee still share the blame for stoking “the swamp of crazy” that fueled Trump’s rise to the top of their party’s ticket, President Barack Obama said on Thursday.