Nicole Scherzinger Did The Unthinkable And Sang A Heavy Rock Version Of My Heart Will Go On And... Wow

Prepare to be floored.

Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On is widely regarded as one of the greatest love songs of all time, selling 18 million actual copies before streaming was even a thing.

And while the schmaltzy theme from Titanic ticks most of the boxes on our Big Song bingo card, we’ve always felt it could do with a rock make-over.

No? Just us, then. Oh, and Nicole Scherzinger, apparently.

Nicole Scherzinger performs on That's My Jam.
Nicole Scherzinger performs on That's My Jam.

We have a feeling any naysayers might change their minds after hearing the Pussycat Dolls star’s unique interpretation of the 1997 classic, which she absolutely nailed on the US version of That’s My Jam.

Nicole was tasked with performing the song in the style of rock legends Led Zeppelin, during the Wheel of Musical Impressions section of the show.

Mashing up Celine’s greatest ballad with one of the biggest rock bands of all time might sound like the musical equivalent of mixing salt and vinegar crisps with chocolate, but we promise you, it works.

Take it away Nicole…

Last month, Nicole laughed off reports that she had split from former rugby player Thom Evans.

The couple started dating three years ago when Thom appeared on a celebrity spin-off of The X Factor, which she was a judge on.

After the Sun reported that the couple had called time on their relationship, claiming “distraught” Thom had left LA and moved in with a friend in London, Nicole quickly shot down the reports on her Instagram Story.

Sharing a screen grab of the newspaper’s report, Nicole wrote: “What a joke.”

She also tagged Thom and added: “See you for Valentine’s Day babe @te11.”


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