Nigel Farage Says Donald Trump And Brexit Are His Christmas Presents

Ex-Ukip leader also questions impartiality of Supreme Court

Nigel Farage has said some of the Supreme Court judges should not have participated in the Brexit court case because of their pro-European Union views.

The former Ukip leader also said the events of 2016 should be seen like “three wise men bearing gifts”.

The British government has appealed to the court to overturn an earlier ruling that Theresa May must seek MPs’ approval to trigger Article 50 - the process of taking Britain out of the EU.

Speaking in the European Parliament on Wednesday morning, Farage said the British public were being “dictated to by courts” over Brexit.

“We have some people sitting in judgment who have actively been engaged in the process of European unity and they in those specific cases should I think have absented themselves,” he said.

On the opening day of the case last week, Lord Neuberger, the President of the Supreme Court, said neither side in the case had objected to any of the 11 justices.

Some pro-Brexit campaigners, like Farage, believe the ruling that parliament should vote on the Brexit is an attempt to frustrate the process.

However it is highly unlikely MPs would attempt to block Brexit as both the Conservatives and Labour Party have said they will vote in favour of triggering Article 50 when asked by the prime minister.

Farage said today: “2016 has been a momentous, indeed historic, year. As it’s Christmas, let’s think of those events in terms off the three wise men bearing gifts.

“First we have the Brexit deliverance. Then we had the Trump triumph. And thirdly of course the Italian rebellion.

“In this case the gifts were all the same. Democracy and the rebirth of the nation state.”

May is meeting backbench Tory MPs opposed to a hard Brexit as the Government moves to present a united front on EU withdrawal.

The Prime Minister is talking to a group of Conservatives in Downing Street on Wednesday who fear the economic consequences of a “hard” break with Brussels.


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