Nine Cent Coin Hopes To End Australia's 99 Cent Woes

It's been dubbed 'Coiny McCoinFace' because of course it has.

Australia has a pricing problem. Many products are priced with .99 cents at the end despite the fact the government don't produce one cent coins anymore, which means there's lots of rounding up or awkward moments at the tills.

But that's all been solved by a 10-year-old named Owen. He called Australian radio station Triple J to suggest the powers-that-be create a nine cent coin, so they decided to make one for him.

"Pretty much every price, they're like $5.99. There's no point, because you don't have a 9-cent coin," he told radio hosts Veronica and Lewis.

triple j

With a little help, the radio DJs managed to produce a realistic nine cent coin just for Owen, complete with Queen Elizabeth II wearing a legionnaire's hat and an Aussie meat pie on the tails side.

It was also christened with ketchup and beer just to give it a real Aussie experience.

Sadly the coin isn't actually legal tender so it won't be accepted at the checkouts, but we like to think it's a positive step towards stopping us ending up with pockets full of pennies.

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