13/11/2016 10:51 GMT

Nine Suspected Illegal Immigrants Found In HGV In Gillingham Business Park, Kent

They have been taken to Home Office immigration officials.

Nine suspected illegal immigrants have been found hidden in the back of a lorry at a business park in Kent

Police were called to Gillingham Business Park at about 1.20pm on Friday following repots there were people stowed away in a HGV.

The people were taken to Dover and handed to Home Office immigration officials, the Press Association reports.

Nine suspected illegal immigrants were found in a HGV in Gillingham Business Park.

It is unclear whether they had crossed the English Channel from the cleared Calais migrant camp known as the ‘Jungle’.

Nearly 7,000 people were moved out of the camp by the French authorities last month over the course of ten days.

Migrants from countries including Afghanistan, Sudan and Eritrea were living in the make-shift huts.

Many had converged at the shanty town in Calais after fleeing poverty, persecution and war in an effort to get smuggled into Britain on freight trucks.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called to Gillingham business park at 1.20pm on November 11 following a report of concern for individuals located in a lorry.

“It is reported nine people were in the lorry. They were taken to Dover and handed into the care of Home Office Immigration.”

Last month in Kent, four suspected illegal immigrants seen disembarking a lorry in Bridge, near Canterbury, were held and handed over to Home Office immigration officials.

On the same day - October 27 - five suspected illegal immigrants were filmed in footage posted online getting out of a HGV near junction 1B of the M25.