Nine-Year-Old's Adorable Note For Big Sister Who Was 'Sad' Will Melt Your Heart

This is the cutest

Sibling life often consists of screaming matches, fisticuffs and tantrums over who gets to play with what, leaving many a parent pulling their hair out.

So when one mum found a loving note from one of her daughters to the other, she was left pleasantly surprised.

Lobke Marsden said her daughters, aged 12 and nine, spend most of their time fighting - however on Tuesday her eldest daughter was feeling “a little sad” and the younger one clearly decided to take matters into her own hands.

Lobke, a radiotherapy play specialist, said she found a handwritten note which her youngest daughter had penned to her big sister - and it really tugs on the heartstrings.

In colourful large letters, the note said: “I hope you feel better.” Then, at the bottom of the page was a continuation of the adorable message: “I love you with all my heart and I’m always here when you need me. I hope you feel better soon.”

On 22 August, Lobke shared a photo of the note on social media. Twitter user @JanePDavidson commented: “Precious lil moments like that are to be remembered [sic]...It shows that you’re doing pretty well as a parent too, Lobke. Bringing up children who care for one another is great to see.”

Meanwhile @drdjmath called it: “A beautiful and thoughtful note”.