02/06/2017 12:31 BST

Blonde Highlights For Men: 8 Photos Of 90s Male Celebs Not To Take To The Barbers

Those frosted tips tho.

If you thought puffa jackets and velvet hair scrunchies were a retro step too far, wait till you hear what else is set to make a nineties style resurgence – hair highlights for men.

That’s right, according to GQ, blonde highlights (last seen on our favourite nineties boy bands), are now what everyone is asking for at the hairdressers.

While experts claim that the 2017 look is all about achieving texture in dark hair, rather than frosted tips à la Justin Timberlake, we’re still convinced this has the potential to go horribly wrong. 

So to stop you from making life choices you’ll regret, we’ve got together 8 of the worst examples of nineties hair, just to remind you why you may just want to leave this trend in the past.