This Teen Skincare Changed My Life (And My Acne-Prone Skin)

Adult acne was the bane of my life but it’s finally under control thanks to four wonder products.
Nip+Tuck's Teen Fix range works for adult skin, too.
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Nip+Tuck's Teen Fix range works for adult skin, too.

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It’s easy to assume acne is just a teen thing. You don’t expect that in your mid twenties your skin will, almost overnight, breakout in painful spots. But adult acne is actually super common.

The British Association of Dermatologists reported that 19% of adults aged 25 and over have reported experiencing some form of adult acne, with causes ranging from hormonal imbalances and stress to pollution and clogged pores. And it can be highly stressful if it happens to you.

I say this because I know. All through my teens I had pretty perfect skin (minus the odd party-pooping zit). I felt blessed by the skin gods. But in my early twenties, I noticed I was breaking out with lots of teeny tiny spots, primarily across my t-zone. My skin was painful, red and super sore.

Adult acne was completely new to me, and like any newbie, I tried product after product, each of which promised miracle results, but failed to deliver.

In fact, they often seemed to be making my skin worse. I didn’t know it at the time, but acne can actually be exacerbated by using the wrong products for your skin type, and not having a proper targeted skincare routine. Whoops.

I was starting to feel I’d never have blemish free skin again. Then, a friend recommended that I try Nip+Fab’s Teen Skin Fix range and, honestly, it’s the one. While there’s nothing wrong with blemishes (after all, we all get them), if you’re finding it hard living with adult acne and the pain and soreness it brings, these are the products I swear by and have used religiously for five years.

They might be designed with teens in mind, but don’t be put off by the packaging – they’re a total game-changer for adult acne, too – both targeting and future-proofing against the blemishes that can blight your skin.

The range – face-wash, pads, roller-ball and moisturiser – combines a potent dose of salicylic acid with wasabi extract and tea tree oil, which penetrate deep into your pores to remove impurities and stop breakouts at the source.

If that sounds like blurb, what matters, of course, is results – and I’ve got them. Even for super sensitive skin like mine, the products didn’t cause any issues. My skin now looks and feels much healthier, and my acne is finally under control.

My holy grail acne product
These ‘Breakout Rescue Pads’ were the first Nip+Fab product I tried and instantly had me sold. Infused with wasabi extract – an antimicrobial agent that inhibits bacterial growth, salicylic acid – which deeply cleanses pores, and witch hazel – which soothes skin. They’re super simple to use and incredibly effective. After only two days, I saw results.
The ultimate spot-zapper
For keeping on hand in your bag, this ‘Spot Zap’ roller wand is a game-changer. The active gel formula, made from eucalyptus and tea tree oil, helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes while also purifying skin. And the roller ball make application easy and soothing in itself.
A moisturiser that works with, not against, acne
Moisturising acne-prone skin is a fine art. Pick the wrong product and ri breakouts worse. Here's where ‘Zero Shine’ face cream comes in handy, preventing excess oil build-up, and with zinc powder (as well as wasabi) to mattify your complexion. The result? My skin is soft and shine-free.
This night time face wash
For in-shower facial cleansing, this 'Pore Blaster Wash' is my go-to. This powerful facial wash has antibacterial extracts that gently cleanse, remove impurities and prevent clogged pores, without drying your skin out. Mine feels clean, fresh, and wonderfully soft and smooth.