No More Scrubbing — The 5p Hack That Leaves Your Oven Door Sparkling

I can't believe it was this simple all along.

I like to think that I’m good at staying on top of household chores but one that I mentally press snooze on multiple times throughout the year is cleaning the oven. I can’t be BOTHERED.

It’s grimy, it takes ages, it puts the oven itself out of action for a few days and given how quickly the muck builds back up, it barely feels worth it.

However, according to a commenter on a Facebook group, I could have been cleaning the door in a much simpler way this whole time. No big scary chemical bags, no scrubbing until one arm is much bigger than the other. Just, uh, a dishwasher tablet.

How to clean your oven door using just one dishwasher tablet

In the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group on Facebook, one member asked for advice on the best products to use for cleaning an oven door. In the post, she shared a photo of her fairly stained oven door and said: “Keen on getting this clean. Which products should I use?”

As opposed to some of the more well-known oven cleaning products, fans actually recommended using dishwasher tablets combined with hot water. One fan said: “I did this and it came up like new. Wear rubber gloves though.”

Sharing a photo of her own spotless door, the fan said: “my door looked like yours and it took like 10 minutes to get it like this.” Before explaining how to do the nifty trick.

She said that she uses the tablets as opposed to liquid capsules and dips it in water, rubs around it, and then adds more to make a paste to scrub the door with.

The commenter, who is a professional cleaner, added that for the rest of the oven, she uses Mr Muscle all over and leaves it for an hour or so before using a Scrub Daddy to rub it all away.

While her dishwasher tablet hack may seem a little out there, lots of fans in the group agreed and since it’s £1.49 from Sainsbury’s for a pack of 30, this works out as 5p per tablet.

Cheap AND easy?! Maybe I’ll only mentally press snooze on this chore once this year.