11 Worries It Is Totally Normal For Parents To Have About Their Children

Are they really happy though?

It might seem like everyone else has got this whole parenting business nailed, while you’re so anxious that you helicoptering parent from the moment they leave the womb.

But most parents share the same worries (yes, even the ones who seem free-spirited).

Here are the eleven things it is perfectly normal for parents to worry about (and which you should probably cut yourself some slack over):

1. Is my child happy?

2. Is my child progressing quickly enough?

3. Does my child have enough friends?

4. Is my child a bully?

5. Am I killing my child with non-organic food?

6. Am I failing them because I can’t parent without an iPad?

7. Does my child secretly hate me?

8. Have I done the best for my child?

9. Will my child run away and join the circus?

10. Did I pick a terrible name for my child?

11. Will my child become a well adjusted adult?

Give yourself a break.