Norman Cook Opens Up About Zoe Ball Marital Split: ‘I Have More Time On My Hands’

'A lot of the creative periods in people’s life are during times of turmoil and heartache.'

Norman Cook has opened up about his split from Zoe Ball, revealing he’s channeling his heartache into making new music.

The 53-year-old musician and DJ, AKA Fatboy Slim, says the end of his 17 year marriage to the TV presenter last September got his creative juices flowing again.

<strong>Zoe Ball and Norman Cook</strong>
Zoe Ball and Norman Cook
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Norman, who has two children Woody, 16, and Nelly, seven, with Zoe, added: “Practically, I see less of the kids than I used to, so I have more time to make music.

Asked if he’d swap his musical creativity for domestic happiness, Norman instantly replied: “Yeah. I would, yeah. But these things have happened, so.”

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Since splitting from Norman, Zoe embarked on a romance with BBC cameraman Billy Yates.

But tragedy struck in May when Billy was found dead at his South London home after taking his own life.

The 46-year-old Radio 2 presenter paid tribute to Billy when she returned to the airwaves, after taking several weeks off from her weekend show.

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Thanking listeners for their support, she said: “So glad to be back here at Radio 2 - if a little wobbly - bear with me today.

“As most of you know I’ve been away for the past four weeks - been a pretty tough time actually, having lost my dear, dear boyfriend, Billy.

“I would really like to thank you, the listeners, for all your kind thoughts and for reaching out with love. Especially many of you who’ve experienced your own loss and grief in similar circumstances.

“Your messages have meant the world to us all, so, I send you all love from the bottom of my heart.”

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