Australian Presenters Caught Calling Novak Djokovic A 'Lying, Sneaky Arsehole' Off-Air

“Bullsh*t f*cking excuse and then fell over his own f*cking lies," one host declared.
Novak Djokovic has made global news after he was refused entry into Australia over his vaccine status
Novak Djokovic has made global news after he was refused entry into Australia over his vaccine status
Adam Davy via PA Wire/PA Images

Two Australian news presenters shared their scathing takes on the Novak Djokovic row when they thought they were off-air – only for the clip to go viral on Wednesday.

Djokovic, the world no.1 in tennis, was initially detained when he flew to Australia for the Australian Open last week due to a row over his vaccine status.

He then won his court appeal to be let into the country for the Australian Open after spending several days in an immigration facility, which his family said was akin to “torture”.

But there has been a prominent backlash to Djokovic’s treatment, as Australia has some of the strictest Covid rules in the world and the tennis player is still unvaccinated.

Responding to Djokovic’s statement on the dramatic fallout, presenters Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern discussed the topic openly, seemingly unaware they were still being recorded for Australia’s Seven Network.

Speaking on 7News Melbourne with a large picture of the tennis player on the screen behind them, Maddern began: “Whatever way you look at it, Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky arsehole.”

Questioning the errors on the tennis player’s visa application – which Djokovic blamed on one of his employees – she added: “It’s unfortunate that everybody else stuffed up around him.”

Djokovic is under investigation for not declaring any other travel on his Travel Declaration Form – despite footage emerging of him training in Spain in December.

Djokovic also applied for a medical exemption from Australia’s Covid vaccine mandates by claiming he tested positive in December.

He has since admitted that he actually agreed to take part in an interview, knowing that he had Covid at the time.

Maddern continued: “To go out when you know you’re Covid positive – well, I don’t even think he even was Covid positive...”

Amor added: “Bullshit fucking excuse and then fell over his own fucking lies.”

Turning his attention to the way the Australian government and the immigration authorities handled Djokovic’s arrival into the country, Amor said: “I think he’s going to get away with it.

“[He’s] an arsehole – [but] did they do the right thing by him?

“No, they fucked up.”

Maddern said: “I don’t think anything was gained by putting him in an immigration hotel.”

Amor replied: ″No, I don’t think so. But the trouble is, how do you justify a person who is on the same plane as him who also has...”

“The fact is, life is never fair,” Maddern replied.

Amor then expressed sympathy for “that poor Czech girl who was fucking sent home”, presumably in reference to the tennis player Renata Voracova who was detailed upon arrival in Australia last Thursday.

She left the country days later after her visa was cancelled. She used the same vaccine exemption as Djokovic.

Seven Network’s director of new and public affairs Craig McPherson said that an investigation was now underway into how the footage ended up online.

The tennis tournament, which is the first Grand Slam of the year, is set to start on Monday.


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