26/08/2016 16:33 BST | Updated 26/08/2016 17:25 BST

Norway Man Rescued From Public Toilet After Spending An Hour Stuck Thigh-Deep In Excrement

'There were animals down there too.'

Cato Berntsen Larsen gave up trying to escape from the toilet after an hour

A 20-year-old in Norway has spoken of his relief after being rescued from a public toilet he had spent an hour stuck in. 

Cato Berntsen Larsen jumped down feet-first into the facility to retrieve his friend’s mobile phone after it was dropped when he was urinating while texting. 

The two men quickly decided Mr Berntsen Larsen was slimmer, so he volunteered to enter the tank.

But he soon became stuck and had to spend an hour thigh-deep in its previous visitors’ excrement. 

Pictured: The man who tried to rescue his friend's phone

The toilet is not connected to a sewer and its contents are only emptied once a year. 

It took four firefighters ten minutes to demolish the outhouse toilet, which is now out of service.

The toilet was sawed off to help Cato escape

“It was disgusting as hell. The worst thing I have ever experienced,” he recounted to local media outlet VG, adding: “Animals were down there too.

“I will never enter a toilet again. Now my body hurts, and I will go home and get some rest.”

According to reports, Mr Bernsten Larsen threw up shortly after diving into the toilet.

Cato spoke to local media afterwards

He suffered large ulcers and wounds to both his armpits after the prolonged incident, according to local paper Drammens Tidende

The fire department confirmed they were called just before 8 am to reports of a man stuck in a toilet in Drammen, a city just outside of Oslo.

Police chief Kristine Høibraaten verified that today was the first time anyone had fallen into the toilet tank since its installation in the 1990s. 

“This is a very sad incident,” she said. “Normally it shall be very difficult to fall into this toilet.”