19/01/2017 18:40 GMT

Nurse Martin Gallagher Praised As 'Wonderful' After Paying £159 Train Fare For Stranded Student

'I'm praying this man gets everything he wants in life because he bloody deserves it.'

A nurse from Liverpool has been praised as “wonderful” and “kind-hearted” after he spent £159 making sure a stranded student got home safely. 

Martin Gallagher came to the aid of 21-year-old Grace Georgina after he noticed her crying in Euston station because she had lost her train ticket back to university in Liverpool.

With station staff refusing to let Georgina on the train, the specialist kidney nurse generously offered to pay for a replacement.  

Martin Gallagher
Kidney nurse Martin Gallagher paid almost £160 to help the crying student get home 

“I have two daughters myself, 12 and 10, and if something like that were to happen to them, I would want someone to help them,” the 45-year-old told the Mirror. 

“The poor girl was so upset and started hyper-ventilating and I just thought ‘that’s not nice’. The staff were making a really big deal of it.

“I don’t even remember how much the ticket cost, but I paid it because I would never want anyone to leave my girl in that sort of state,” he added.  

Grace Georgina
Thousands of people shared Grace Georgina's story about a generous stranger 

While Georgina didn’t learn Gallagher’s name at the time, the specialist kidney nurse was tracked down after she posted a series of tweets thanking him for his generosity. 

“I do not want to hear anyone EVER say a bad word about people from Liverpool,” the pharmacy student wrote. 

Going on to explain how Gallagher had come to her rescue, Georgina added: “I swear I’m praying with all my heart that this man gets everything he wants in life because he bloody deserves it.”  

Thousands of people have shared Georgina’s messages, praising Gallagher for his kindness. 

“What an amazing person,” one woman tweeted. “It makes me proud to be from Liverpool.” 

“What a gent - that’s truly lovely,” another added.