NYPD Responds To Running Man Dance Battle Request From New Zealand Police

'We catch people on the run every day.'

The NYPD and the New Zealand Police have had a dance-battle, with the Americans responding to a video request by the Kiwis in which they hot-stepped their way to almost six million views.

New Zealand Police officers posted a video on their Facebook page on Tuesday as part of a recruitment drive.

The 20-second clip, filmed in a carpark, features officers doing the classic 80s dance move, the Running Man, to the Ghost Town DJs song, 'My Boo'.

The force wrote: "We catch people on the run every day, this was a new #runningmanchallenge for our team."

It then challenged other police forces in Australia, and across the world, including the LAPD, Isles of Scilly Police and the NYPD to strut their stuff for the camera.

On Wednesday the dance-battle went global when the NYPD struck back, strutting their moves alongside the Hudson River with a group of Brooklyn schoolchildren.

Their video has so far clocked up 1.7 million views.

The NYPD posted the clip on their Facebook page where they extended the challenge to New York City Fire Department, Boston Police Department and Police Scotland.

New Zealand Police later tweeted their delight at the NYPD taking part, saying "love your work".

Isles of Scilly Police, who were also called-out by the New Zealand force, wrote on their Facebook page: "I note that the gauntlet had been laid down by (New Zealand police) for a dance off with us," Sergeant Colin "Dance Dad" Taylor wrote.

"I also noted that they can draw on a supporting cast of thousands of officers and staff whereas we have a modest team of five and occasionally a cat.

"Our combined age on this small rock in the Atlantic (including feline years) is over 300.

"Ours is not to dance or body pop ever since the thespian PC Mat 'Flashdance' Collier left these shores several years ago. When we do so, we now do levity in the medium of cake.

"We wish NZ Police the very best with their recruitment drive. It certainly is a remarkable career even if you have to do it upside down dancing on the ceiling."

Australia's Queensland Police Force also declined.

Members of the public have been more willing, with Twitter over run with Running Man videos.

The challenge is part of a social media phenomenon which has been embraced by professional athletes across the US, and has even reached The Ellen Show.

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