20/06/2017 10:55 BST

Ofcom Rules That Gordon Ramsay's 'Hotel Hell' Swearing Was In Breach Of Guidelines

Viewers were shocked when uncensored expletives aired just after 11am.

Ofcom has ruled Channel 4 breached guidelines earlier this year, when they aired an expletive-laden episode of ‘Ramsay’s Hotel Hell’ in the middle of the morning.

Back in April, the media watchdog received 19 complaints about one episode of Gordon Ramsay’s show, during which the f-bomb was dropped six times, just after 11am.

Channel 4 were quick to pull the episode in question once the gaffe - which was blamed on “rare human error” - was realised, swiftly apologising for the coarse language and airing a standby programme in its place.

FOX via Getty Images
Gordon Ramsay

However, following an investigation, Ofcom has now decided that the mistake breached their rules about “offensive language before the watershed” which protects “people under 18” from “unsuitable material in programmes”.

They said: “We took account of the action taken by the Licensee in correcting and apologising for the error, and the steps it has taken in regards to its internal process and procedures to ensure that an incident of this nature did not reoccur.

“Nonetheless, the broadcast of this material was a clear breach of Rule 1.14.”

But while Channel 4 was found to be in breach of Ofcom’s rules, ITV has been let off the hook over Amanda Holden’s revealing attire on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

As has become an annual tradition on ‘BGT’, more than 200 viewers contacted the TV regulators over Amanda’s wardrobe choices, claiming her plunging necklines were not appropriate for a family show.

It seems Ofcom don’t agree though, ruling that Amanda’s dress “would not have exceeded most viewers’ expectations”.

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