Oh Good – If You Sleep Naked, There's Probably Poo In Your Bed

Not so sexy now, is it?
Does he know that there might be poo in his bed?
barleyman via Getty Images
Does he know that there might be poo in his bed?

We’ve got terrible news – sleeping naked could mean you end up with poo in your bedsheets.

Yep, even though temperatures are finally creeping up and we’re approaching yet another hot girl summer, it turns out our bodies are still being gross.

According to Dr Hana Patel, resident sleep expert at Time4Sleep, going without clothes comes with its own hygiene risks.

“If you do choose to sleep naked, I would recommend that you wash your sheets at least once a week,” she explained.

“When we sleep we shed hair, skin, saliva and faecal matter which is likely to be increased in you’re sleeping without pyjamas on.”

Dr Patel added: “Let’s not forget that over time your bedding will also collect dust mites so with increased bacteria in the sleep space, wash your bedding once a week.”

She also suggested having a conversation with the person you’re sharing the bed with...

“If you are sleeping beside someone, I would say it’s personal preference as to whether you sleep naked, as long as both parties are comfortable and aware of the risks,” the specialist explained.

That’s right – there are “risks” that come with nudity.

It's worth discussing the nighttime nudity "risks" if you share a bed with someone
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It's worth discussing the nighttime nudity "risks" if you share a bed with someone

Of course, it’s not all bad (being a nudist is a thing after all).

You’ll have improved circulation because your body won’t be restricted by clothing which could be too tight, like underwear and socks.

It can boost your fertility, too – and not just because your partner might like if you’re naked on the reg.

Dr Patel explained that men can experience a boost to their fertility if they don’t wear pants at night, as it improves their sperm.

“There is also a reduced risk of possible infections for women who opt to sleep naked as these risks are increased with tight, restrictive underwear,” she said.

We can hear you saying that one of the main reasons people sleep naked is to avoid overheating during warm nights. Why would you want to put on more clothes but it’s baking outside?

But, controversially, the sleep expert explained sleeping without clothing can actually make you hotter.

She said: “Although sleeping naked can aid in thermoregulating your body, if the weather is on the warmer side sleeping without any clothes on can actually make you hotter.

“It’s recommended that you sleep with a light layer on such as pyjamas or bed linen made from a natural fibre to improve sleep quality and provide a sweat-wicking barrier.”

And don’t overlook the importance of being the right temperature, either, as it just might give you the perfect night’s sleep.

Dr Patel explained: “A night of quality sleep also increases the release of growth hormones and melatonin, both of which have anti-ageing benefits.”

You might also sleep better if you have clothes on – as long as your sheets and PJs are made from natural, breathable materials like cotton and bamboo.

So – we should never sleep naked?

Well, if you’re ill, going without is probably best.

Dr Patel said: “Many studies have been carried out into thermoregulation of sleep providing evidence that sleeping naked can help to regulate your temperature which is always higher when you’re ill, so ditching the pyjamas is likely to help bring your temperature down and help to combat common illnesses like a cold.”

But when you’re in perfect health, it seems like going nude might just not be worth it. So, to the one in five Brits choosing not to don PJs – maybe it’s time to reconsider.

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