Oh Good – We’ve All Been Washing Our Jeans The Wrong Way

Prevent fading jeans with these tips.
EllenMoran via Getty Images

We take no joy in bringing you this news but you have likely been washing your jeans the wrong way. They’re a staple of many wardrobes and a common choice for nights out; jeans and a nice top, anyone? And for lazier days with a jumper or old t-shirt but despite their everyday versatility, they still need to be washed in the right way.

Thankfully, we have some tips directly from the technologists at M&S Menswear to help make your jeans last longer and stay vibrant.

How To Look After Jeans

Cut down on using your tumble dryer

It’s an easy way to get things dry with minimal effort but, actually, tumble dryers aren’t suitable for a whole range of clothes. Before chucking them in, check the label and see if they’re tumble dryer safe but the technologists have a warning: ”Over time, tumble drying can damage the elastane (or sometimes also called spandex or LycraTM) fibres that give denim their stretch, and irreparable damage could mean that the jeans won’t hold their original shape. It’s best for them to dry naturally instead whenever possible.”

Turn inside out before washing

This kind of advice sounds obvious but it is vital to always follow it. The technologists added, “this helps minimise abrasion that causes fading as well as the wear that can happen along the hems, pockets, and edges of your jeans.”

Ensure that you also zip up zippers and fasten buttons and snaps to stop your jeans snagging on anything else in the wash.

Ensure you’re using the right products for your clothes

It’s important that you use the right detergent for your clothes and budget but when it comes to jeans, it’s best to use a detergent that is designed to preserve colours. The technologists added that where possible, liquids are a better option as opposed to powders as powders may not entirely dissolve during cooler cycles which could leave a “sticky residue”... lovely.

Wash your jeans with the same coloured clothing

Of course, we all know not to mix our lights and darks but the technologists emphasised that washing your lighter jeans with darker clothes can cause them to be dyed, especially if you wash your clothes in hot water: “If you’re trying to keep your jeans looking light and bright, you should either wash them separately in their own load or wash them with similar light-coloured clothes. Similarly, if you’re trying to darken your jeans you can wash them with black/dark coloured clothing items.”

Who knew such a simple piece of clothing could be so complicated to maintain?! Hopefully with this advice, we can make our jeans last longer and for the 18% of Brits that only wash their jeans once a year(!), this will inspire slightly more regular washes.